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Fw: Re:Java Fern

 Hello  Anton,

I have seen Java Fern growing well attached to wood in my own tank, and would
therefore consider it as a good base for it to grow on. I don't think that rocks such as quartz would provide as much surface area for root or rootlike attachments, and it certainly would be a harder material to penetrate.

There is a species of Aglaonema that I placed in a nook in a piece of wood -
it eventually grew roots with hairy surfaces that enabled the plant to "grow" into the wood. This would not likely occur on rock surfaces as much (particularly smooth ones).

Lava rock is quite rough and would provide the surface favourable for roots of
these kinds of plants.

There are Links mentioned in "The Krib" that might give you some information
to obtaining Driftwood; I came across a site for it myself somewhere. There are suppliers of bogwood and driftwood in the UK who might supply to other regions
in Western Europe if you live in this part of the world.