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Re: Subject: Paris? Berlin?

Mike wrote.......

Hi all,
My wife will be taking a business trip next week spending four days in Paris
and three days in Berlin.  I'm curious if there is anything I could have her
look for that may not be available here in the U.S., related to aquatic
plant tanks of course <g>.
                    **            **            **
Hey Mike,

How-a-bout a pallet of DuplaRit Laterite and a couple of 55 gallon drums of
Dupla24 drops!  I had lots of success with their products and now I play
PMDD kitchen-chemist.  Oh well I guess the money I save (NOT ..... I figure
out a way to spend it on my tanks) and lessons in molecular weights and
nutrient uptake dynamics is good for me.   I am still not out of the woods
in one of my 125g tanks with this course green hair algae that is persistent
but manageable.  Phosphates are a constant battle for me and it seems I have
not struck a good balance between KN03, K2S04, other trace elements and Fe.
I am beginning to also think my Fe kit is not telling the whole story
(SeaChem).   It's a big friggin balancing act FERSURE !  This tank operates
at the  metabolic rate of a humming bird and when I think I have phosphates
limited it starts running circles around me again.  Not to worry ...I 'll
get it with or without Dupla!

Tom Brennan