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AquaJournal Vol 38 and v35 & 36

To the person that emailed me asking if my AquaJournal V38 had arrived, it
arrived today and seems to be arriving every 2-2.5 months.

I still have extra copies of AquaJournal Vols. 35 & 36. Anybody want them?
are in perfect condition.  Vol. 35 takes a close look at experiencing the
rain forest and large-scale aquascaping and Vol. 36 goes into depth about
Hairgrasses (which I have absolutely no luck with) and lessons on pruning.
Each issue is pack with lots of tips/tricks from the master and makes a
super coffee-table addition.  See reviews of them at

$10 should cover the journals and priority shipping to your door.

Email me privately if interested

Tom Brennan