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Palludarium question

I am setting up a palludarium. I would like to get some tips on which 
plants could do well there--both terrestrial plants that do well with 
high humidity and moist conditions, and aquatic plants that can grow 
emersed. The tank is about two feet tall, the water level is one 
third of that (the other dimensions are 3  and 1.5 ft). At present, 
it has some Sagitaria and Valisneria (submerged), and some Crypts, 
Echinodorus and Hygrophilla that are currently completely submerged 
but I expect them to grow above water eventually. The fish for the 
moment are five small goldfish and two guppies, plus an A.C.Frog. The 
lighting is relatively low, 14 watts fluorescent. 

Any other recommendations (setup, substrate, etc) will be appreciated 
too. For the moment, the tank is virtually bare, only water, few 
fish and few potted aquatic plants. 

Thanks in advance.