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no PO4 i tap water

Believe it or not, there is no phosphate in my tap water - at least
that's what the water company says.  I haven't tested myself yet, maybe
tomorrow.  My question is, should I be using NaHPO4 to lower my pH (8.3
down to 7.0) instead of Seachem's Acid Buffer?  Or will PO4 from fish
waste be enough.  

  My tank is a 20 long, with 80 some watts of fluorescent and compact
fluorescent lighting, DIY CO2, and a pretty heavy fish load.  I just
added the CFs a couple days ago and plants are bubbling away.
  I'm planning on adding some Hygro. and watersprite in a week or so to
fill in some space, so nutrients will have to be on the up-and-up.  Have
Seachem Flourish and Flourish Iron in the mail, so hopefully I'll be
thinning regularly.


Jason Miller
Sherwood Park, AB