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Re: Apartment to Cold

Hello Jason,

Your post made me see the subject (and Matthew's original question) in
new light. Using the ballast as a heater for yeast fermentation is OK.
Just look at what will happen:

Lights on. The ballast heats the yeast reactor, increasing CO2 output.

Lights out. The ballast stops heating, the solution slowly cools down
and the CO2 output slows down too. However, without lights the plants do
not need CO2 - they produce CO2 -- so with decreased CO2 output at
night, the pH swings will be smaller.

Morning lights on. The ballast slowly heats the yeast reactor and the
CO2 output increases -- just as the plants need that added CO2.

Of course, a heater, plugged into the lighting circuit, would do as
well. Alternatively, putting the heater on its own timer, and turning it
on with the lights, but turning it off _before_ light go out, will
further minimize pH swings and make your fish happier.

What we have here is an "automatic self-regulating CO2 reactor"!



Date: Wed, 29 Sep 1999 20:27:37 -0400 (EDT)
From: Jason Verch <verch at panix_com>
Subject: Re: Apartment to Cold

        I don't like the idea of using the ballasts to heat the
yeast bottles.. For one thing, as you said the temperature will
swing wildly at night. I'm afraid the constant temp changes will
have adverse effect on the yeast mix, but I'm not sure..

        I think the easiest solution is to put your yeast bottles
in a 5g bucket filled with water and drop an aquarium heater in the
bucket to regulate the temperature.