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Re:Poor Student Substrate -Profile

Bailin wrote:

A poor grad student wrote (I thought all student are
poor ;-)) Otherwise, what other forms of
substrate would be good for the planted tank 
aside from fluorite, profile, or laterite which can
get prettycostly. (Poor graduate student.)  Any ideas
would be appreciated.> > Thanks,> Bailin


Hi! I have an useful info to share with you. I want to
let you know that you can get a 40 lbs Profile
Professional Clay Soil Conditioner for 14.99 (I got it
at local Frank's Nursery). This price is reasonable
and Profile is a very good substrate. 

This Profile Professional Clay Soil Conditioner is
basically the same as the Profile Aquatic Plants Soil
which is sold at much higer price. I found this out
when I called AIMCOR (the manufacturer). I was so
desparate that I couldn't find any Aquatic Plants Soil
around my area and I decided to call AIMCOR. Then they
told me about this surprise info. They told me that
it's basically the same stuff but in different

It's safe for your fish, don't worry. I've been using
it for about a month and no fish dies yet. I also see
significant growth on my plants just with the light
without adding any fertilizer and CO2.

When you see this product, don't hesitate to get it.

Kean Huat


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