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>>The algae growth slowed, and then one day
>> the algae just disintegrated and fell off of the plants.  This coincided 
>> my CO2 going crazy and suddenly dropping the pH from 7.6 to 6.5 and then 
>> up to 7.4 in one day.

>When you said it 'disintegrated', was it like a crypt meltdown or did it
>just drop off and floated all over the place?  I'm trying to figure out
>the "average" amount of K2SO4 in addition to my current PMDD mix
>(accepting that no two setups are the same).  More details please.

The day after I got the pH stablized again, there was a *bunch* of  fluffy 
olive-colored sediment in the tank.  The same stuff I vaccuum out twice a 
week along with the fish poop, but a lot more than usual.  I looked at the 
plants and noticed that most of the evil algae was gone.  So I guess it just 
kind of dropped off; it was very sudden, after a long slow decline in the 
algae.  I vacuumed the bottom of the tank every day for a few days (replacing 
as little water as possible), did a little happy dance, and declared a 

best regards,