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Slime mold

> Saturday
> Can anyone tell me what kind of algae or stuff this is? I tried scraping it
> off last weekend when there was only one piece and syphoned all I could
> find. Now I have half a dozen colonies of it.
> http://www.mindspring.com/~djramsey/algae1.jpg
> http://www.mindspring.com/~djramsey/algae2.jpg
> http://www.mindspring.com/~djramsey/algae3.jpg
> http://www.mindspring.com/~djramsey/algae5.jpg   Taken Monday night. A good
> closeup except the color is off. The actual color is a creamy white, with
> some brownish tinges at the tips.
> The fish and algae eaters won't get near it, neither will the snails. I
> marches across the glass 2-3 inches a day.
> This is a 29 gallon tank, heavily planted, been going great for almost a
> year. 3 20watt bulbs,  occasional Seachem Flourish and additional
> calcium.  4- 5 gallon water change every week. No other problems in tank for
> a long time
> Sunday
> This morning the stuff to the left side of the pictures has moved up to the
> water level and was floating on the surface. I used a turkey baster and
> sucked it out. The stuff that was on the right side has moved to the bottom
> middle of the tank. Various pieces are now turning up on the plants and the
> gravel.  The snails won't go near it, and the fish stay away from it. At the
> thick tip area it has like really small polyps, almost like something you
> would want to grow in a salt water tank. I have had tanks for 30 years and
> never seen anything like this stuff.  I have added a dose of maracyn to the
> tank to see what that does.
> As a side note - when it moves off an area, even the hard small green dot
> algae is gone from the tank glass. If it eats the disgusting hair algae,
> I'll syphon it up and let everyone bid on it!!
> David Ramsey
> Lawrenceville, GA.

Actually what this really looks and sounds like is an aquatic slime mold.  This stuff
is pretty interesting actually and the following link should give you quite a bit of

Just as a comparison here are a few pictures pulled from the web.  I don't think that
these ones are aquatic but there are aquatic ones.  Happy sliming!