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Re: Bad posts/ Bust on Tiny Vals

Charles wrote:

>>one thing I do not agree with you on is 
>>your attitude, i did not say that i was 100% sure of my answer. i was
>>telling the list what i thought the correct term was, in other words i
>>this is the right answer, what does everyone else think? i made my response 
>>in the few minutes i had before i had to goto work. Telling people that if 
>>they post something that is even a little bit off base the group will shun 
>>them makes beginners nervous. if someone posts something that is incorrect, 
>>by all means correct them

Then Dave Gomberg wrote:

>Charles, I disagree wildly with your position.  I get 300 mails a day and
I >try to read and make sense of and answer any that ask for answers and
learn >from the rest.   I don't need any "I don't really know but maybe..."
posts >unless the subject is extremely difficult and the guess comes from a
bona >fide expert in the field. 
>In other words, if you don't know be quiet.   Maybe no one knows, then
there >will be no reply posted.   Maybe someone knows and posts,...  good!
 But you >do nothing to foster communications by posting a guess except in
fields where >you are expert.  OK?
>- --

I understand where Dave is coming from, but I must side w/ Charles on this
one. I missed the specific thread that sparked these comments, so my answer
is limited to the general implications of these comments only. I lurked for
a long time before I could muster the courage to post a question to
answering one to now using my real name. I like you Dave; your CO2-kung-Fu
is the best; but to suggest one has to be a bona-fide "expert" to post
their QUALIFIED speculation (first state they are non-experts) might be
asking a bit much and may even stifle good clues. Where DOES
"novice-grass-hopper" end and "master-po" begin in our wet-green world?
Would you not rather the list get 1000 "good" posts and suffer 100 "bad"
ones than get only 100 "good" posts and zero "bad" ones?

If someone is going to shun me (or you) because I/we made a mistake, let
'em! I don't wear my heart on my sleeve (and I believe you don't). I will
be first to admit if I am wrong, for personally; I seek not perfection but
enlightenment.  And I will take on any "expert" if what they say is
betrayed by the evidence of my own experience (as is the case with my
forwarding of specific drinking water filters over RO). Often its
speculation from someone outside of the realm of experts in a field who is
uncontaminated by conventional paradigms, that forwards an idea that turns
the experts' world on its head. 

Sometimes I think after the Chemists and Engineers who lurk finish casting
their dazzling formulas and intimidating structural spells its up to us
Bio, Boto & Enviro people to pick up pieces, de-mystify the madness and
clear away the thick glaze that you guys sometimes build over the eyes of

On another note, those "Tiny" red vals I found are not staying small :(
Under CO2 they are now 20cm tall and only the NEW leaves are maroon in
colour. They may still be a interesting sub-variety if they stay under 30cm
and maintain their inner leaf maroon colour but only a genetic marker/PCR
study can say for sure if they are distinct...any grad students interested? :)

"A-stumpin' in Ft.Lauderdale"
See my (9/21) Driftwood Stumps at