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Idiotic landlords, average kinetic energy, and a solution...

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<< Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 16:05:48 -0700
 From: "Matthew R. Sprague" <mspragu2 at twcny_rr.com>
 Subject: Apartment to Cold
     I have a slight problem and would appreciate some input. My apartment is
 a split A-frame. My landlord is an idiot and put the heating ducts for a
 natural gas heater on a support beam that is about 12 feet up. Because of
 this the heat in the loft is about 75 F and at floor level it is about 65 F
 or less. My DIY yeast bottle is in an area that stays very cool and
 therefore has shut down now that Fall is here (NY). I pulled it out and have
 temporarily placed it on top of the strip lights which promotes
 fermentation. This is a nuisance and I wish to put it back below. What would
 be a simple (and very inexpensive) way to warm this area? I intend to build
 my own light fixture and place the ballast's down in  the stand where the
 bottles are. Think this would achieve the desired effect? The problem whit
 this however, is that I was going to use CF and was wondering if this idea
 would be achievable with CF ballast's? Further question is what happens at
 night when the lights turn off? Will this result in my pH shifting up
 radically enough to cause harm?
Hello, perhaps a ceiling fan could be installed... quiet, energy efficient, 
and as an erstwhile landlord myself, very cost-effective at raising property 
values, and keeping tenants and their subs (incl. aquariums) warm and happy.
Bob Fenner