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Re: full spectrum bullbs

Jag wanted to know of some good full-spectrum bulbs:
> I am planning to purchase 48" Fluorescent bulbs for my new planted tank. I 
> would like to purchase bulbs from companies like GE, Sylvania, Phillips 
> Please recommend me Full Spectrum bulbs in 5000k, 6500 K.
I use GE Sunshine (Chroma 50) CRI 90, 5500K (if my feeble 
memory serves me well). At Wallyworld, they're ~$5.99, and about 
the same at the BigK. They're packaged in a very noticable red-
orange sleeve. Vita-lites are twice or more the price and I can't tell 
the difference when they're side-by-side. I believe they are 5000K, 
CRI 91. To me, cheaper is better ;-)! Never have tried Sylvania or 
Phillips, GE Sunshine meets all my needs.

Jamie, happily singing in the rain...