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Riccia and glosso

	I have about 2.6w/gallon of full spectrum T-8 lighting (co2, pmdd,
flourite) over my Riccia and glosso.  The glosso will only grow straight up,
not flat and across the tank.  I haven't messed with it much to be sure, but
I doubt this is enough light.  With the Riccia, it seems to grow in very
dense clumps when it has good light, nutrients and co2.  When in my low tech
tank with no co2 and lower lighting, it doesn't form dense clumps.   Instead
it breaks up into annoying little pieces that do not stay together and go
all around the tank.  Good for baby fish, bad for the look of the tank.  I
have all my Riccia floating, instead of tied down so it is very close to the
lights in both tanks.

	I am pretty sure that your 2.1 w/gallon isn't enough for glosso and
probably not enough for the Riccia to do well, especially if you are trying
to grow it at the bottom of the tank.

> I have a 125 gallon planted aquarium.  At the moment I have 260 watts of 
> light.  I am in the process of getting Riccia Flutans and Glossostigmata
> and 
> wondering if this seems to be enough light.  Also, I have a little bit of
> a 
> beard algae problem.  Any suggestions on the above would be greatly 
> appreciated!