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Burial of BBA

Hi all,

My apologies for the cross-posting but I'm almost at wits' end.

I've had a bad bout of BBA and after two months diligent water change
and dosing PMDD, the BBA has resided somewhat but much of it is still
clinging onto leaves.  New, but slower, BBA growth is also detected.

This morning's water tests show Phosphate and Nitrate levels at 0.25mg/L
and between 0.0-12mg/L (Sera and Tetra test kits) respectively.  I don't
have a Fe test kit (nor GH or KH kits), so no readings (any

My questions are;
1. When BBA do die, they undergo a colour change (ranges from grey to
brown) but do they;
a. drop off?
b. disintegrate?

2. As the BBA are also on the glossostigmas, is it possible to 'bury'
the BBA or will the decaying BBA jack up Phosphate again? 

I've been told that algae is proportional to my high fish load (probably
due to Phosphate from fish poo) but are products like SeaChem's PhosGard

For those who have faced and won the BBA battle, any comments or
recommendations most appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,