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Re: PMDD Dosage and Algae

> From: "Roger S. Miller" <rgrmill at rt66_com>

> > but I have taken to heart the gist of your message:  Take it
> > easy, don't add more fertilizer in the form of phosphate water or plant sticks,
> > and make sure the plant load is equal to the fish-given nutrient load.  Plus
> > find out which are excess and which are deficient nutrients.
> I'm confused.  Why would you ask for help, then argue with the advice?

Again, please let me sincerely thank all who replied to my plea for help.

I received a number of replies off list along with a few on list, each with
suggestions such as:  you have enough light, you don't have enough light, feed your
fish twice a week only, clean the tank less often, add more plants, add more algae
eaters, don't add so much PMDD, add a little more PMDD based on what the amount I add
in my sized tank, add more of this, add more of that PMDD component - I'm sure you get
the idea.

In short, I received a lot of conflicting advice based on the experiences each
individual has had in their own tanks.  As anyone who receives a number of
suggestions, I had to decide which would work best in my situation.  I argued with a
number of suggestions, I agreed with other suggestions and was thoroughly enlightened
by others.  I chose to implement the courses of action that I thought best for my
situation, granted, based on my own biases.  I've probably chosen wrong for some of
the changes I've implemented, but I'm human and am allowed to make mistakes :o)

If some of my initial choices don't work out, well, I still have suggestions that
weren't used the first time.  Rest assured that I'll keep the posts everyone took the
time and energy to send and refer to them if and when I need to.

Again and again, thank you to all who responded to by request for help.

By the way, our lfs had 22 otos just waiting for me to take them home today.  I
believe they'll have more in a week or so.
Beverly Wladyka
Edmonton AB Canada