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Re: C. ciliata/cordata var. blassii

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>Date: Mon, Sep 27, 1999, 11:48 PM

>Date: Mon, 27 Sep 1999 18:39:57 -0700
>From: Robert H <robertph at best_com>
>Subject: Ciliata trade
>Well nobody bothered to respond to my question on care requirements of C. 
>ciliata, except one person off list, (thank you!). Is this a plant 
>unfamiliar to people here? Anyhow, I have 30 large plants with thick root 
>masses, new growth, and good color that I would be willing to trade. I am 
>particularly looking for affinis or less common Cryptocorynes. Please 
>contact me off list!
>Robert Paul  H
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>plants for sale

I have this plant and have had limited luck with it submersed. It acts like
C. lingua but a little better. I had 2 plants make runners once. I know they
grow in salt marshes in nature............. and other areas. Even there they
have only 2-5 leaves. There are 2 (or more) types also. One type is more
adaptable to submerse culture and the other is not.
I've have a couple for about a year submersed. They have one or two leaves.
Not a candidate for plant tanks unless you want to specialize or happen upon
the type that does well submersed. It depends on were the plant was
collected. I told Neil Frank when he was here that I didn't think it was
doing well but he seemed to think I was doing well with it. I have several
in an emersed tank along with the other hard as hell to grow types. They
like deep soil/bright light also. Prone to trace element deficiency with
holes resulting if something is out of balance. Leaves tend to curl downward
when unhappy. I don't know if this helps but FWIW!
If your getting into Crypts, consider emersed culture for grow outs and to
help those more difficult plants.
    On another note, I finally flowered the C.cordata var blassii submersed.
Anyone else flowered this plant submersed? Only 50 more species to go<g>! 
Tom Barr