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Re: PMDD Dosage and Algae

On Tue, 28 Sep 1999, Beverly Wladyka wrote:


> Geez, it seems like I tore your comments to shreds (or is that pulverized them
> into green paste?), but I have taken to heart the gist of your message:  Take it
> easy, don't add more fertilizer in the form of phosphate water or plant sticks,
> and make sure the plant load is equal to the fish-given nutrient load.  Plus
> find out which are excess and which are deficient nutrients.

I'm confused.  Why would you ask for help, then argue with the advice?

Actually it appears that you mostly missed the gist of my message:  add
more plants, add more algae eaters, reduce the nutrient level in the
water, don't change water so much if you're worried about phosphate in the
supply and be PATIENT.  Note in particular that I said nothing about
identifying deficiencies.

> The courses of action we've taken have been to increase potassium on a daily
> basis, increase CO2 (both of which have produced more plant bubbling to compete
> with algae bubbling), plus convert a pair of light hoods to old 3 tubes instead
> of 2 which increases light from 360 watts to 420 watts for 180 gals.  It's too
> soon to tell how much difference the extra light makes, especially since the
> tubes are somewhat crowded.

Please don't attribute *any* of those actions to my advice.

Roger Miller