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Re: PMDD Dosage and Algae

> From: "Roger S. Miller" <rgrmill at rt66_com>
>> > We have an on-going problem with fuzzy green algae in our 180 gal
>> 1) If you can shove all the plants from your 180 gallon tank into a 10 gallon
>> tank and leave them there for weeks, then you really aren't growing very many
>> plants.  I couldn't cram all the plants from my 55 gallon tank into a 10
>> gallon tank without crushing some down to green paste, and my 55 offers much
>> less planting space than your 180.  Plant more plants to create more
>> competition for the algae.
>When one has only a 10 gal tank at one's disposal, one can cram any number of
>plants into it, especially if the older algae infested leaves of still young
>plants are first removed.  Current plant count is 31.  I see no economic (or
>other good) reason in planting extra plants just to have them eventually


Try adding some elodea, rotala indica or hygrophyla polysperma. They are
cheap and grow fast. By starting with a few cuttings and re-planting the
excess growth you'll soon have a forest of nutrient sponges. I experienced
their phosphate/nitrate cleaning power myself; and note, mine weren't fresh
plantings, they came infested with algae from a former setup. I know these 
specific species won't fit in your amazonian setup, but in time, when the
tank stabilizes, you can replace them with something more appropriate.

Good luck,

-Ivo Busko
 Baltimore, MD