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Balancing fish and plants

 >>1) moderately soft and acidic water
is incompatible with CO2

>...unless you do something to increase
the KH, which may or may not be good
>for your particular plants and fish.

Why not just increase they kH just
enough so that with he addition of CO2
the pH remains where you started? The
fish shouldn't mind that.

>I ended up putting an airstone on a
timer to turn on for a few hours every
>night. This wouldn't be a good idea
except that my water has a high KH, so
>there is very little pH variation. Now
the fish are happy, and I haven't
>had a death since. It takes care of
surface scum and duckweed, too.

I thought it was settled that kH has
nothing to do with pH variation due to
CO2 injection. I take this to mean that
if an airstone drives off most of the
CO2 and the pH does not move very much
then you did not have much CO2 in the
first place. I am not saying your
observations are incorrect just that
they appear to contradict my
understanding of the theory.

Wayne Jones

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