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PMDD and Filter Output

I am currently adding PMDD to my planted tank.  Every thing looks ok so far,
only have been using PMDD for about 3 weeks now.  My iron is just starting
to get to the 0.1ml mark but my nitrate is at 0.
I was wondering what would be the easiest way to raise the nitrate up to the
3-5ppm recomended.  (By the way, I am just starting to notice some green
My other question is: I just finished hooking up my Eheim 2226 filter and
was wondering what is the recomended or most use way for positioning the
output diffuser, right now I have it pointed downwards towards the side
glass so that there is no surface movement, I am asking because I noticed a
couple of my platys skimming the surface, but they are the only ones.
My tank, 25 gal, ph 6.8, kh 8, temp 80, 80watts compact ltgs, co2 via Dave
G. system.

Thanks in advance