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What type of medicine...


I'm new in this hobby/mailling list. Since i got my first tank in feb. '99
(only a 14 gal.) and since june '99 i've got another bigger one (around
50-55 gal.). In the little one, i do my water changes every week (20%-25%),
and i my big one, 20%-25% every week. But allmost since i've started i had
to fight with diseases like fx. Costia, Oodinium and other parasites...
Probely because i buy new fishes, every time a couple of them died. But
since i got 2 tanks, i can use the little one for the sick ones.

In my little one: i've got 6 plants (medium size), and 2 indian platys...
In my other one: I've got 15 plants (anubias, amazone etc. 4 small, 3
medium, the rest big ones) I've got 6 Labyrinth, 10 Angel (2 medium, 8
small) and the rest is catfish(2), Algae eater(1) and Indian platy(2)

My question:

When i go to my dealer (i've got 3), and i ask them what i should buy, for
my fishes. I get 3 diffrent answers... And what kind of test-kit do i need
to have, and do i have to buy these, or can i make them by myself ???