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Re: Are my CO2 levels dangerous yet?" and other questions

>unless it is merited. Has anyone experienced fish distress at this level of
>CO2? At what threshold have others actually observed symptoms of CO2
>overdosing in fish?

My tank has regularly CO2 levels at the 30-60 mg/l at morning hours, before
the lights come on. This is according to the kH measured by a Tetra test and 
the pH measured by a TriAqua test. I never saw any signs of distress, on
the contrary, fish are healtier than ever and mating like crazy. Not a single 
diseased or dead fish since I started to use yeast and a DIY counter-current 
reactor 9 months ago. The levels only drop when the yeast reaches the end 
of life, usually 3-4 weeks. So based on my limited experience, I would say 
your fish are in no danger. Btw, kH is typically 5.0-5.5 and pH 6.5-6.7.

>least to my eyes). I'm using an Aquarium Pharmaceuticals kit with a range of
>6.0-7.6. Can someone recommend a kit with either a narrower range and/or
>finer resolution (and easier to read)?

I'm very happy with the $2.49 TriAqua test. The color scale matches well
the sample vial color, and with a little bit of practice it's easy to read 
within 0.1 pH. In the past I checked this test against another brand's
(I cannot recall which one though) and there were no systematic differences

-Ivo Busko
 Baltimore, MD