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java ferns vs. potassium

A while back there was a lot of discusson on rotting java ferns, the leaves 
turning black and dying.  Last month this happened to me too.  So, I begaan 
studying the archives.  Most all the posts had the same type of information 
that I was experiencing.  I did not see a "cure" or explanation for this 
I had just begun adding potassium (as muriate of potash) in 1 tsp amounts 
every week for three (maybe four) weeks with a 20-25% water change on a 20 
gal tank.  80watts flourescent, pH 7.2 NO3 18mg/l.
I also add 1tsp MgSO4 as well.  my hope was to lower my always high NO3 
levels.  (at the time i was keeping a rather high fish load),but the heavy 
planting and filtration seemed to keep the fish healthy.
What I am curious about is if any of you that have been afflicted by this 
java rot could tie it to potassium overdose?????
This would have been the only significant change to my tank.  I lost about 
half my stand. I pulled out about half of what was left and put in other 
tanks to recupe.
btw, NO3 levels never really came down much.
Any ideas???

Joe Anderson

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