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Re: comparisons

Bravo!!   Bravo!!

Least I got someone thinking along the same lines.  What puzzles me is not
only the conditional changes we subject these plants to (apparantly they
adapt very well to it)  Something else to wonder is if we are pushing 1/2
saturation level (economy and effecency at play here?) then what
should/could we do to increase the PAR to around 500?

From my independant testings and observations I have arrived at the same
concusions, however, in an aquarium enviroment conditions are much more
forgiving and less competitive than in nature.  Could our plants be
consider glutonous pigs? perhaps so. 

Another issue that I have no means currently to persue is the algae growth
factor in natural enviroments vs aquaria.  My hypothesis would be that in
aquaria the growth is elaborate and more complex, in natural settings it
would be more restricted (again depending on the 'polution' nutrient