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bob wrote;

>I missed the original post, but the classification of "hardwood" or 
>"softwood" has very little to do with rot resistance.  Cypress is a softwood 
>(a rather hard one) and has extraordinary resistance to decay.  Basswood
is a 
>hardwood (but rather soft) 
>and it rots very quickly.  You need to know the specific wood you are
>about and look up its toxicity and decay resistance.  Generalities won't

I agree. Where the tree grows; mositure conditions it tolerates when alive
may be the clue that MAY be a guide as to its sutability for the aquarium.
Example, mangroves (illegal in US), cypress, australian pine. My personal
preference is australian pine since it is an invasive species that crowds
out mangroves. It has many more interesting "visual characteristics" sinks
w/o the need for weights of slate and never gets that "fungusy" look. I
look for seaside driftwood to avoid having to soak or decontaminate. 

"A-stumpin' in Ft.Lauderdale"
See my (9/21) Driftwood Stumps at