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Re: Subject: Tropica Mastergrow - Dosage

Subject: Tropica Mastergrow - Dosage

> Having just purchased a bottle of Tropica`s Mastergrow fertilizer, I am
> wondering what dosage, list members who have used the product for a while,
> are using ?
I have found  that 1/2 the recommended dose split into two  feedings twice a
week works perfectly on my setup. My water is fairly high in trace mineral
content and iron straight from the well so I don't need the full dose, I
change 30% to 40% of my water once a week. My suggestion is to start there
also, with a 1/2 the suggested amount and watch your plants carefully for a
couple of weeks to see what their reaction is. With your water change
schedule you may have to add a higher dosage as the elements are depleted
from your water and not replaced by as often by a water change as I'm doing.
I would follow Tropica's instructions and observe the results and adjust
from there. Better to under-dose (IMHO than overdose and bring on an algae
Bob Buettner
In old Northwest Connecticut where the hills and valleys will soon be ablaze
in fall color!
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