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Subject: Fw: Mollusc and Cryptocoryne ID

From: "STEPHEN LINDSAY" <stephen_lindsay at lineone_net>

> I am interested to know if someone out there can identify the
 >mollusc I am about to describe. It is a few millimetres long, oval-
> shaped with a sort of triangular-shaped raised transparent shell,
 >containing an elongated whitish body with a foot-like attachment
 >from one end. The shell completely encompasses the body and
> it lives in freshwater, slowly moving across plant and tank surfaces.
 >I noticed it several years ago after natural river gravel was set into
 >a new tank set-up but it did not last long - possibly dying from tap-
 >water being used in that tank. However, it is in this tank set-up now
 >and surviving in very low numbers - the source of water being rain.

    Where do you live? If your anywhere near the Great Lakes they could very
well be specimens of the dreaded Zebra mussel. Then again given the numbers
of boaters that vacation on the Great Lakes those little bastards could be
in just about any waterways in the US and Canada. Could you possibly post a
pic of it on the net?