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Re: Re: Evergreens

Stephen sez:
> Having read your posting, I don't think that it would be a good idea
>  to place the bush into an aquarium, at least not with fish in it. Most
>  evergreen (trees anyway) are softwoods and would likely rot quickly
>  in the tank, and possibly even poison the water - e.g. yew. Larch is
>  an exception, being a hardwood, and might be as suitable as beech
>  or oak wood.

I missed the original post, but the classification of "hardwood" or 
"softwood" has very little to do with rot resistance.  Cypress is a softwood 
(a rather hard one) and has extraordinary resistance to decay.  Basswood is a 
hardwood (but rather soft) 
and it rots very quickly.  You need to know the specific wood you are talking 
about and look up its toxicity and decay resistance.  Generalities won't work.