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Fw: Mollusc and Cryptocoryne ID


 I am interested to know if someone out there can identify the
 mollusc I am about to describe. It is a few millimetres long, oval-
 shaped with a sort of triangular-shaped raised transparent shell,
 containing an elongated whitish body with a foot-like attachment
 from one end. The shell completely encompasses the body and
 it lives in freshwater, slowly moving across plant and tank surfaces.
 I noticed it several years ago after natural river gravel was set into
 a new tank set-up but it did not last long - possibly dying from tap-
 water being used in that tank. However, it is in this tank set-up now
 and surviving in very low numbers - the source of water being rain.

 Also, I have a Crypt. species which grows with leaves flattened
 over the gravel substrate which I would like identified. The leaves
 are green, about 5cm long and a few mm wide edged purple-brown;
 petioles approx. 2cm of this length and underside purple. One leaf
 grows every three weeks or so. Other crypt species in the tank grow
 upright. Lighting is about 4watts per gallon - the aquarium being only
 half full with water.

Thank-you for your help,