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Profile/Fluourite and Cories or Khuli loaches

Hi folks,
Has anyone kept either Cory cats or Khuli loaches in a tank
with a Profile or Fluorite substrate?  I'm setting up a new
75-gallon tank and would like to try keeping these fish for the
first time.  But I wonder if a substrate of Profile would be
too rough on the Cory's barbels or the loaches skins as
they roam around the bottom of the tank?  Another option
would be a rounded 1-2mm diameter play sand with a small
amount of clay/laterite underneath.

(I think Profile and Fluorite have a similar texture in terms of how
sharp the pieces are, judging by bags of Fluorite that I saw in a LFS.
I've used Profile in a couple of tanks and been pleased with it,
but have no experience actually using Fluorite.)


boingy at ugcs_caltech.edu