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>The lillaeopsis which I transplanted from
>my silica-sand-and-jobes-sticks tank, where it was stagnant, has taken
>off.  However, it seems to like to travel in straight lines, and I want it
>to clump up.  Also, when I pull up one of the long chains, it's nearly
>impossible to replant because of the billion little plantlets and my big
>clumsy fingers.  Any trimming hints?  How do you all replant this stuff?  
>Is it okay to cut the runners periodically just to keep it in manageable
>chunks?  Any way to make it grow non-linearly?  How do you thin it out?

AFAIK, Lillaeopsis always runs linearly.  It loops entirely around my 70G
tank, including through dense shade in the back.  Eventually, it will
thicken into a lawn on its own.  As far as replanting those pesky pieces
that get pulled up is concerned, wad them up like a brillo pad, and anchor
them on the bottom with a little gravel or a small stone.  They'll take
care of the rest before you would believe!

Oh, and yes, you can cut the runners when ever you want.