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Long term Yeast CO2.. any ideas?

>Has anyone figured out how to get a
yeast reactor to produce CO2 for a
>month or more? Awhile back I read that
champagne yeast was over rated in
>its ability to produce consistent CO2
when compared to bread yeast. I don't
>know if a consensus was reached, but
does anyone have any scientific
>evidence of the longest and most
effective yeast (teaspoons) - sugar
>- water (vol.) combination

It is very easy to get a CO2 generator
to last more than a month but there are
some problems with getting a useful
amount of CO2 out of such a system. The
problem is that as the alchohol
concentration increases in a 2 liter
bottle it inhibits the activity of the
yeast and the CO2 production drops as a
result. I have run a test where I have
tried to compare various recipes to see
which might be the best and if you want
to see the results you can view them at
The results are by no means definitive
because after all it is just one test
but they did give me some clues as good
candidates for better recipes which I am
now currently testing. Mainly I think
that using a larger bottle and adding
yeast nutrient part way through the
fermentation should give a more uniform
and larger CO2 production. As for the
wine yeast being better than bread yeast
I am trying to compare those as well and
so far I have found that the same amount
of bread yeast produces less CO2 than
the same amount of wine yeast but I do
not know if one will provide more
overall CO2 production although my bet
would be on the wine yeast.

Wayne Jones

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