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More CO2 Injection Stuff

In response to Dan Dixon's questions about Swagelock's numbering system
- B-4MG2,
I don't have my Swagelok catalog home but I will wing it.

The "B" stands for "brass" (about half the cost of stainless steel)
The "M" stands for the "M" series which is valve with a Cv (capacity) of
The "S" series has a smaller Cv - I think  0.01 - Both are too large in
my opinion (see below).

The other options refer to angle vs straight-thru- vs double (same Cv),
connection type (I prefer 1/4" NPT) .  A "MV" at the end refers to a
control which is real cool looking, costs $40 more , but is useless if
the valve is oversized.

I installed my Swagelok B-4MG2  series valve in series with my single
stage regulator tonight and
was "disappointed".  The valve is oversized, so it is twisted way down
on the seat -just like
my calculations prediicted after the fact. (I calculated a valve Cv of
about 0.002 required.)
The needle valve  has inproved control, but not $40 worth.
I think the 2 stage regulator is the way to go.

-  I have been using a 1/8" x 1.5" cheap plastic airstone inserted into
the air
injection port of my power head.  It works GREAT - very, very fine
dispersion with almost no bubbles making it to the surface (= 100%
utilization).  A great substitute for "reactors" if you have a power

- I appear to be using a lot of CO2 ( I am going to make a wild guess
of  at least 4 lb/100 Gal-Month)  _ I am taking a 7.6+Ph with  9 Kh
water down to 6.9 Ph.

- The water returns to 7.6 after CO2 injections have been stopped about

- at 6.9 Ph and strong lighting , the plants especially the anubias and
sagittaria bubble O2
like mad (thats a good sign, I hope).