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re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1292

On Tuesday, September 21, 1999 2:48:02 PM, I blundered and wrote:

> Is the Nupro S valve model B-4MG2 still the valve of choice for CO2
> fertilization?

Oops. Sorry, I got the model numbers confused. I think the model number of
the Nupro S valve is B-SS4 or B-SS2 (which is best, the 1/4" or the 1/8"?).

While I'm at it, I may as well ask the rest of the questions. :D

I'm setting up a manually controlled CO2 fertilizer system. The Cornelius
regulator I got has what appears to be a 3/8" male NTP fitting on the low
pressure outlet (not sure about this; that's what it measures across the
threaded nipple...it could be a 1/4" fitting). Do I adapt the metering valve
directly to this, or should I put some air hose between the regulator and
the needle valve?

Will I need a ball valve (shutoff valve) or can I just shut off the CO2 at
the tank? Or the metering valve? If needed, should the valve go before or
after the metering valve?

What type of hose material should I use? (PVC? Polyethylene? etc?)

I'm currently bubbling CO2 (from a yeast reactor) into the intake of my
canister filter, but I'd like to add a sintered glass diffuser to increase
dispersion. Where can these be found?

Thanks for any help,

Dan Dixon