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My 10 gallon planted tank

> Roger Miller writes:

(various things

Thanks for the help.  I'm not too worried about plants that will outgrow
this tank, as I've got a 38 gallon tank that I want to plant as well.  Need
to make a hood for it, though, so I can get enough light in there.  So some
of the "giants" from the 10 will move into that one. Maybe if these plants
start growing out of the little tank, it will jumpstart us on getting that
hood done! :)

I have set the timer to run the lights for 12 hours.  Does it matter if I
turn them on later in the morning and off a bit later at night than a normal
daylight cycle? Simply because I am here more often in the evening and the
tank is sitting on my desk where I can look at it.

I will also use the Tetra FloraPride and see how things go.

So far, everyone seems ok- mollies are happy, plants are still green! :)

Thanks again!

New Hampshire, USA

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