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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1291

David Brooks asked about filters:

I have a question myself; does anyone know what the difference between the
Fluval regular type of canister filter and the M S F Fluval filter is?

Well, David, I have a Fluval 403 and have seen the ads for the redesigned
404 MSF. The 403 has been around for years while the 404 has just entered
the market. I have a 403 on my indoor pond and I don't particularly like it
- its noisy (hard to get air out of the impeller well when the filter is in
a confined space) and hard to get started after cleaning. The plastics used
are not as durable as I would like and have heard several reports of broken
lid retaining clips and broken impeller housings.

Actually the 404 is more similar in overall design to the larger Eheim
models than to the 403. Judging from their ads, Hagen has fixed all of the
problems I have encountered. The new model is self priming, supposedly
dissipates air out of the impeller well automatically, has Eheim-like hose
connections for convenience and has redesigned media baskets. I own Eheims
and Marineland Magnums 350s and HOT 250s and I plan to buy a 404 MSF when I
replace my next canister. I think the price is the same for either 403 or
404 and IMHO I think the 404 is vastly superior to the 403, which of course,
it should be, it's a new model! 

Hope this helps.

Dana Daugherty
Senior Programmer/Analyst
Morristown TN