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Re: thread algae


there are several aquatics that will eat thread algae, in fact it's a
popular fish food ;)  snails, barbs, sae's, alot of the shrimps (BTW! has
anyone tried freshwater mysis shrimp?) guppy's + others.


>does anyone know something that eats thread algae ?
>Although it is easily removed with a toothbrush, it is quite annoying.
>(....and yes , my iron level is  too high ( 0.3).....i will try to lower
>it down with water changes. The problem is that i have Substrate Gold +
>Duplaplant tabs (less than half-dosed).  Together they raise the iron too
>much, it has been this way for 6 months
>now! i wonder if substrate gold will release iron forever.......ph=6.7,
>kh=4,cant extract the iron from the tabs ! )
>Pierre Tremblay