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Re: CO2 tank gas/liquid thread

from what i can remember from my science classes, about 5 years or so ago...
CO2 is one of those compounds that doesn't have a liquid phase. they had a
name.... sub... something. time really does take a toll on your memory.
subliminal... that's wrong... subminal... sub... something. anyway. i guess
you could force a liquid phase in a tank. but CO2 is a sub... something.
take a piece of dry ice, solid CO2, and leave it out. it goes to gas. it
doesn't melt first then evaporate. there are no puddles of CO2. but then you
could go in depth and say +ACI-maybe+ACI- it exsists in a liquid phase for a
miniscule amount of time before immediately going into gas. i don't know.
just don't argue this thing out. somebody please found out because i'd
actually like to know. and can someone find out what sub... thing i'm
thinking about?