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Re: Nitrate addition?

> >- -I use Seachem's Discus Buffer and Neutral Regulator to stabilize the
> >pH (6.6-6.8).  These are phosphate based buffers, so will the pH be in
> >danger of rapid swings as the plants and algae consume phosphates?  I
> >have tried the combination of Seachem's non phosphate Acid Buffer and
> >Alkaline Buffer, but have not found these to be as stable as the ones I
> >am using now.
>I do not know the contents of this buffer (perhaps greg would know? ;)

As the original poster noted, Discus Buffer and Neutral Regulator are 
phosphate based buffers. The recommended dose of each gives you 
anywhere from 80-100 ppm of phosphate... I leave it as an exercise to 
the reader to determine how long a given plant load would take to 
consume all of that ... ;-) My guess is that if one is using these 
buffes to maintain pH, you would be adding more buffer anyway long 
before the phosphate level became an isssue.

-Greg Morin

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