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New Tank

>I am going to set up a planted 6x2x2 next week and I just want your opinion 
>about how many fish I should put in to cycle it.  I will probably use zebra 
>danios, some ottos and maybe some cherry barbs that I have.

Planted tanks should_not_ be cycled in the traditional way.  Read the
archives, I'm sure this has been covered ad infinitum.  Plant the tank
fully from day one.  You can add some algae eating fish right away, or any
time during the first couple of weeks.  _DO NOT FEED_.  At the one month
point, you can start slowly stocking the tank and feeding lightly.  As long
as you don't dump huge quantities of fish in at the same time, or over
feed, you won't even be able to track a "nitrogen cycle".