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A few questions on my new plant set-up....

This may be a bit long-- sorry!

Ok, I finally decided to do something with that bag of Fluorite that has
been gathering dust under the big tank.  I got a bonus for a contest at work
and decided to put the money into plants for the 10 gallon tank on my desk.
I set it up today.  The tank is full of plants, which I gather is a good
thing for starting.  Many of the plants, unfortunately, were not labeled at
all, so I was sort of guessing from pictures and descriptions, so my list of
what is in there may be a bit off.  (I am going to try to get some pictures
up on my web page soon, esp. of the ones I'm not sure of.  I'll post the url
when I do and maybe some of you will be able to help identify)

Anyway- I've got:
I'm sure of: hornwort, anacharis, Hygrophila difformis, a crinum, Bacopa
caroliniana, a couple of swords and a few small crypts.  There are a few
that I'm not sure of- hopefully, pictures will follow soon.

The tank:
10 gallon
Penguin mini filter
40 watts of compact fluorescent lighting
No CO2 supplementation at present, though I do have the capability of adding
a yeast set-up
pH 7.4

The tank had (still does actually) 6 or 8 mollies from my last batch of fry
in it.

My questions:
1) Currently, the lights are on from 8AM to 10 PM. Is this ok?
2) I have not added any fertilizer to the substrate or tank. I was given
some Tetra Hilena Crypto tablets (1-0-25) and a partial bottle of Tetra
FloraPride (0-0-3) by a friend who was breaking down his aquarium set up. Is
this stuff ok, or should I junk it and get something better? Should I add
any now, or wait and see how things go?

Thanks so much for any help/advice you can give!

New Hampshire, USA

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"Sometimes you have to have patience with things that annoy you."
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