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Re: Green Surface Algae

On 19 Sep 99, Bob Buettner wrote:

> I don't have a solution for your problem, but when the weather started
> getting hot,  I have been getting surface film of tiny particles (looks like
> green dust) of algae on my tank. It is not a big problem as I get rid of it
> during my weekly water changes. This stuff almost looks like pollen on the
> surface as it's extremely fine grained. Anyone else see this?

Thanks for your input,

That's how the algae starts out...looking just like green pollen 
grains and continues to grow until a water change. Bob Dixon 
suggests it might be BGA but there is no other sign of it in the tank 
and there is no "strong algae smell"in the tank, it smells more like 
damp earth than anything. Is there possibly some nutrient 
imbalance that would allow this to develop but only on the surface. 
This has got me puzzled????