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Of bows and balansae (but not sealing wax)

Hello APDers,

Of bows:
    I'm very pleased with the 46g All Glass bow-front tank. It fit perfectly
in a niche in my bedroom wall. The extra width in the center creates
interesting aquascaping possibilities. There is little or no distortion
except when viewed from acute angles. Maybe it's there, but I don't notice
much of a magnifying effect. I'd love to try a 72g bow-front if I had
someplace to put it, but that would leave my checkbook smoldering. The 150g
bow-front sounds awsome, too. 

Of balansae:
    Thanks for the replies to my query about growing C. crispatula var.
balansae. It looks like my 5 point plan for this plant is (in order):
    1. Patience
    2. Patience
    3. Perhaps a little calcium.
    4. Perhaps a little local substrate fertilization.
    5. Hope for the best.
    6. (6?) Move it to another tank with different water chemistry.

Kind regards,
Mark Stahlke
Colorado's Premier Grower of Fine Algaes