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Re: Surface algae

Graham writes:

> I am hoping someone might be able to shed some light, not an 
>  intended pun, on a strange algae problem I am having. The algae 
>  only forms on the surface of the water where first the surface starts 
>  to get green and then gradually gets thicker. After a week I can 
>  take a cup and skim the surface by letting the water run in to it. 
>  The algae runs in as a sheet and actually wrinkles as it 
>  accumulated in the cup. The algae clings to anything stuck into the 
>  tank. There is no other algae anywhere else except mild film algae 
>  on the glass after a couple of weeks.  <<snip>

<snip>>I noticed that the problem seemed to start about a year after setup 
>when I began cylinder CO2 injection.>>

Sounds to me like the infamous BGA.  I had this in a tank a year or so ago.  
After you set up the CO2, did you reduce or eliminate surface agitation?  And 
did you then get that weird white surface scum, particularly in the corners?  
Does the tank give off that strong "Algae smell" when you stick your nose in 
it?  Then that is what you have.  

Bob Dixon
Cichlid Trader List Administrator