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Re: Tiny RED Vals and unidentified plants

For those who enquired about the micro RED vals I found wild, gimmie a
chance to grow them for the next two weeks to be certain they are a
ligitemate sub-species. They are currently in a home made tank under CO2,
4-GTE chroma 50 bulbs in 12in deep water. So far, new growth IS maintaining
its red colour.

Karen suggested there are many plant species with aquarium potential within
the US yet to be discovered particularly in the S.E. It got me thinking, so
I took a closer look at my apt's lake and noticed some unusual
characteristics.  It is large; approx 120 meters at its widest point yet
disproporionatly shallow. Shallow is an important indicator of a natural
waterbody in So.Fla.  It indicates its depression formed naturally and was
not a contractor's dug-out to provide a convenient source of foundation
limestone for developments and "lakefront property".  Such artificial lakes
as these make awful habitat for most aquatic plants because of their steep,
narrow, rocky growth zone and 25-35ft depth. They quickly become the home
of invasive species, cattails and later attractive places to dispose of
stripped stolen property, maffia "hitees" and ex-wives.

I've noticed wild varieties of Ludwigia growing as well as a strange grass
species that grows in clumps near the water edge in 5-50cm of water. It
produces spikey, bushy tufts. Its leaves are ALL abt 5cm in length as wide
a pencil lead, dark green in colour and cylindrical in shape. The overall
plant creates the overall viewed impression of "aquarium mondo grass".
Examining its roots, it doesn't use formal surface runners but reproduces
by a rhizome similar to crypts. The dense leaf structure obviously
indicates it can standup to "full sun emersion" and it does. I am currently
evaluating it along with the little red vals in the same tank. It looks
sooo gooood when landscaped with driftwood I've been looking for something
that can fill the same decorative nitch w/in aquaria as mondo grass does in
Florida landscaping.  If it works in aquaria, it will require HIGH LIGHT
since it grows wild in shallow water in direct sun. 

I'll keep you listers posted of any new developements. Reputation is
everything and I want to be certain I've got something good here before I
send it out for trades.