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Re:European aquatic plant mail order

Date: Fri, 17 Sep 1999 17:34:28 +0100
From: "hugo at greed_nl" <hugo at greed_nl>
Subject: European aquatic plant mail order

Can anyone recommend a {good} aquatic plant mail order company in Europe?


I have used two, Green line Aquatic Direct and Java Aquarium Planting.

My order from Green Line did not arrive on time and I had to do a fair bit
of phoning around to Green Line and their delivery company before they
finally dispatched another lot. This did arrive when promised and the
quality of the plants was generally OK.

I ordered some Hemianthus micranthemoides from Java and again the package
did not arrive the same week and when it did, although the bag was labelled
as the plants ordered, the plants inside were saggitaria subulata (rather
different to Hemianthus and very yellow and dead!). Again after phoning and
returning the order, they sent me the plants I had requested. They were of
very poor quality and covered in algae.

On the basis of these experiences I would not recommend mail order at all.
Shop bought plants may be more expensive but at least you can choose what
you are buying and have it in your tank when required.

Richard UK