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Re:Potassium info

 Ed Street <br at ldl_net> wrote:
>Subject: Potassium info
>Today I received my lamotte potassium test kit model 3138 and i'm kinda
>shocked at the results i've found so far.  Today am going to some lfs in
>the area and test there water.

Why were you shocked?  what were the results?

Mark Stahlke <mstahlke at denver_infi.net> wrote:
>Subject: Growing C. balansae
>Hello APDers,
>    I'm struggling to grow Cryptocoryne balansae. It doesn't die but it
>doesn't thrive either. I planted three nice specimens and within a week most
>of the leaves melted (no big surprise there). The new growth seems stunted.
>The old leaves were 12 to 18 inches long and about an inch wide, the (very
>few) new leaves are only 4 to 5 inches long. The tank parameters look pretty
>good and other Crypts, primarily C. wendtii, do well in this tank. Does
>anyone have any tips for growing C. balansae?

When the older leaves die back because of uprooting, shipping and planting
shock, you can't expect the new leaves to come out the same size.  With
patience, good lighting and a little additional CO2, it should gradually
produce larger and larger leaves.

Paul Krombholz, central Mississippi, where even the trees are wilting