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Re: neophyte alert

Welcome Marci.     

Take a look at the Krib and you will have a lot to read.  My first thought is 
back to when I discovered the APD.  The biggest mistake I was making was on 
lighting, you need (typically) 2 to 4 watts per gallon depending on the 
plants you have or plan to have.  I have had the privilege of helping others 
locally to get their plants growing and the typical problem has been lack of 
light in both quantity and quality.  I might add that ALL of the information 
I have been able to impart to others has come from this list.  There are some 
incredibly intelligent folks on here (some i highly suspect forget to put 
pants on, let alone zip them up) that go so far out into the outer reaches on 
subjects like chemistry, etc. that I frequently have to get an interpreter 
just to find out what was said, so don't let that or an occasional flame war 
(on or off topic) run you off.  There are some of us non-genius folks (I 
include myself in that group) on here along with the genius types.  Again, 
look to your lighting first.  Welcome

Steve Collins