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Apon. crispus questions


One of my A. crispus has produced a flower spike. I would like to hand
pollinate it. How is this done? I tried using a fine paint brush and gently
"painted" the spike. I could see some white powder (pollen) falling on the
water surface below. Will this work? How long do seeds take to form? What
will they look like? If I manage to get seeds to form, I'd like to try and
cultivate them. Anyone tried this?

Also, the Tropica plant database (http://www.tropica.dk/plants.htm) contains
the following statement on Apon. crispus:

> In Nature the plant primarily grows in temporal ponds which dry out during
> the dry season and during this period the Aponogeton crispus lies dormant.
> However, the plant does not require such a dormancy period in the aquarium.

When is the "dry season" in Sri Lanka? I've read elsewhere that A. Crispus
go dormant and lose all their leaves. Will they do this even if there is no
"dry season" in my tank? <g>


Dan Dixon