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Subject: Re: Yippie or Taking unfair advantage

>James Purchase wrote "The retailer probably paid more money for the
>Java Ferns than you were charged for them, and you KNEW that the
>clerk had made an honest mistake. The retailer lost money on the
>deal and if this happens a lot, he/she will either have to raise
>prices generally or go out of business."

    And ye shall reap what ye sow...

    Here is little story about a "deal that was to good to be true".  The
owner of a LFS that i frequent related this little tale of one of his
experiences. He was travelling through the midwest and stopped a LFS where
he was delighted to find that they had mispriced 250W 10000K MH bulbs at
$49.95. He was so thrilled he bought all 12 that they had on the shelves.
Late that night he ran into a police block looking for drug traffikers.
Imagine the  delightful task of trying to convince state troopers that
10000K MH bulbs are for propagating corals. He was taken in on a Friday
night and since he was from out of state he spent the weekend there and was
finally released on Monday with 2500 dollar bail. He had to spend 500
dollars to get his truck out of impound and lost 3 days of work. Since he
was from out of state the troopers also notified the feds and his local
authorities who wanted to come to his house and photograph his tanks inorder
to validate his story. This cost him another day of work and he said the
whole experience ended up costing him 5000 dollars. This may not be quite
the same as mispriced plants but still one to make you stop and think.